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What is the National Guard and who may join? Come to the July 20th meeting and learn this and much more from the local recruiter, Sgt. Clayton Matthys.

Sgt. Clayton Matthys
 Jul 20, 2017
Chris Berrier & Franco
 Jul 27, 2017
 Aug 03, 2017

Orphan Care Solutions helps children that their parent’s no longer have any rights to them.  They are opening a Resource Center in September here in Montgomery. 

Julie Davis
 Aug 10, 2017
District Governor-District Governor
 Aug 24, 2017
 Sep 09, 2017

Our members in the insurance industry (Bethany Ruffins, Daniela Mead, and Shanon Salsbury) will present information on various aspects of insurance needed to help you protect your house & possessions against a natural disaster. They will then field questions from the audience.

Bethany Ruffins, Daniela Mead, and Shanon Salsbury
 Sep 14, 2017
 Sep 28, 2017 – Dec 28, 2017