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June 3
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June 5
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June 18
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June 21
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June 27
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June 29
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Carol Berger
June 7
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June 27
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June 10
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Doris Lockey
June 10
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June 21
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June 23
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June 1, 1996
21 years
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June 4, 2015
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The Wave Online - Vol 2, No 39
For the week of May 29, 2017
The Rotary Club of Lake Conroe 
Thursday Breakfast begins at 6:45 a.m.

Meeting begins at 7 a.m.
Walden Yacht Club
13101 Melville Dr
Montgomery, TX 77356
Overlooking Beautiful Lake Conroe & 
           The Rotary Friendship Bridge


Darrell May, Railroad Safety

In 2011, train engineer Darrell May was operating his train according to the rules in Texas and as he rounded a curve at 50 MPH, he saw a stalled tractor trailer on the tracks in front of him. He pulled the emergency brakes immediately, and he and his colleague threw themselves on the floor of the cab.
The collision with the tractor trailer at the railroad crossing was so severe that May was knocked out and he awoke days later in a hospital bed.
Since that day, the former train engineer’s life has been changed forever.  Come and hear this powerful story.
May 25, 2017
Johann, our Exchange Student from Germany, gave a neat presentation about his Exchange Year here in Texas with us. What a wonderful young man he is! We have been so fortunate to have him with us this year. He and PDG Doris presented each of his host Moms with flowers. It was a perfect Rotary morning! 
May 25, 2017
Johan LCRC Exchange student 
Marci Perdu and family -host family
Rhonda Darby and son -host family
Katie Wileyand daughters -family of Randall 
June 8thBoard meeting 1:30pm place TBD all new and existing Board members should attend.  Open to all if you would like to know what’s going on! 
June 8th meeting at Memory Park for the morning meeting
June 29th Installation Banquet for Victoria no morning meeting
Linda Ricketts Literacy Scholarship Committee has selected a winner.
MY ROTARY –No Update 
Jan Ricketts-Service-Planning on next year! 
Shannon Salsbury-Membership-Two new member applications. 
Daniella Mead-Administration/Programs-Programs updated until June! 
Deanna Voitle-Public Image-No Update 
Chef Rick -New Generations-Call Rick before you go to the Rotary Storage unit have over 10,000 rolls and saving.  Putting flags out today for Memorial Day! Almost 100% of the flags have been dedicated to date.
Mike Berger-Polio Chair-No new cases this week!  Five weeks in a row for no new cases.  Worldwide five cases total worldwide. Charlie won the raffle for the Rotary watch which he gifted to Yohan! 
Gary Milleson-Foundation-100 year celebration of the foundation this year at the conference! 
Gary Milleson -Memory Park-June 8th is Park day.  The morning meeting will be held in the park for tours and information on upcoming projects. 
Randall Wiley/Doris Lockey-Exchange- The first host family has been selected for next year’s student.  
Doris announced JC graduated from Sam this week!  She is moved to San Antonio and will be starting the management program with MACY’s on Tuesday.
Craig announced his daughter Molly just got a big promotion with a great salary increase.
Lorrie announced she is going to visit her daughter!
Alfred announced thank you for those that attended scholar athlete banquet.  This year $62,000 in in scholarships were awarded.  A big thank you to Peggy and those that helped!
Kris announced that thanks to Alfred we still have the Scholar Athlete Banquet.  Most of you may not know that we almost didn’t do it anymore, because it was such an undertaking for our club, but thanks to Alfred all five clubs are participating and it has turned out great each year! 
Warren announced that his back is good to go and will be paying golf next week!
David announced the Twins have graduated from college!
Christina announced that Conroe was named #1 fastest growing city in the US!
Johan shared with the club his year experience in America. On August 13, 2016, his journey began with the Darby family that picked him up from the airport.  He reflected that it was one of his happiest days to have such a large group welcome him!  He had a great time experiencing Texas BB&Q, fishing and boating, deep sea fishing, worked a haunted house, attended the renaissance festival (was wired),  and Beaver Nuggets from Bucky’s.  He joined the Montgomery High School Choir and participated in his first solo.  He also played on the High School Varsity soccer team. Some of the difference he found between American and German Schools was here we startschool 40 mins earlier, we say the pledge a lot (he now has both memorized), and we have organized school programs, sports, and clubs.  He will miss the programs and organizations, but is planning on keeping up with choir when he gets home.  He got a little homesick at times, but his host families the Darby’s, Jaksiemasz, Perdu’s, Doris, Randall, and his friends (he made tons of friends) made him feel welcome.  This was truly a year and experience he will not forget.  He said a special thank you to the Rotary Club, and the host family for making him feels so welcome and helping him.  He has two more years of school and he is planning on attending a University in Berlin.  He plans on studying business and traveling to visit the friends he has made on his exchange!
Bulletin Editor
Kris Nordstrom McBride
The Rotary news column "A Rotary Moment"  appears in The Courier of Montgomery County each week - usually Sunday or Monday - with news about what is happening in the world of Rotary for all clubs in Montgomery County, plus our Rotary District 5910 and Rotary International. Pick up a copy of The Courier or read the column online at or on their Facebook page. If you have news or photos you would like added to the column, please contact Kris at Working with The Courier Staff and a representative from each club in the area, Kris began this column in 2002 as her service project to increase the visibility of Rotary in our communities.