Robert made a very enthusiastic and passionate presentation on 3/29. Robert traveled to TX from Delaware to apply for the new and initial mascot of the Houston Rockets. He dropped out of the U of Delaware to successfully get the job of creating Clutch the Bear. He finished his credits at Delaware by attending classes at U of Houston and transferring the credits back to U of Delaware. He originally wanted to call the mascot Apollo to stay with the space city theme but was overruled. He did Clutch for 30 years and recently went into private business in the energy sector and is also a Realtor. Robert completed two half marathons in full Clutch uniform. What Robert is most passionate about is organ transplants. He became involved in supporting organ transplants after his dad received a lung transplant several years ago and is still alive today. He encouraged everyone to get on the organ transplant registry which is simple to do through your driver’s license or online.
Owner: Mike Berger
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