Our first evening meeting.... Ransom's Steakhouse
The first thirty minutes was social time - networking - visiting with other members! 
Good News
Mike Berger - will be going on vacation to Maine taking his grandson
Pam Tipton - She just celebrated her 60 birthday - BUT Roz will be turning 60 soon too!!!
Committee Reports
Roz - with the change of meeting time/place - speakers will not be every week - the plan is to do a variety of meeting agendas - service projects - socials - speakers - etc - let Roz know if you have any ideas
Deanna - members please update your profiles - phone numbers - address - email address - this is to ensure you are receiving emails we send out
Janet - Memory Park is beginning the next new garden - this is exciting - also new tshirts are being ordered with a new look and color!!!
Doris - Our exchange student will be arriving on Monday - Delphine is from France - Janet and Gary are the first host family - we need more host families -
Shanon - membership is moving along - feels with changing the meetings to evenings will grow membership - more people are willing to atted evening meetings
Sandy - Bring SOS items to every meeting this month - she will be bringing the items to the woman's shelter - need volunteers to help with other projects planned for the year!!!
Pam - tonight is our first evening meeting - Ransom's set us up in the bar area - this is a trail period to see how the dynamics will work - Rick went to numerous places to find our club a new location for our meetings - We were very spoiled over the years - we need a convenient place to hold the supplies and equipment for the meetings - the other option that has been brought to the board for meeting times is moving the day to possibly Tuesday evenings... Let Pam know if you have any concerns - ideas - or wishes you may have with the changes we are going through. This can be a great opportunity to grow our club - get more involved - open a variety of opportunities...