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Lake Conroe
Club #30545 District #5910 Chartered Jan 27,1995
Thursday at 7 a.m. - Breakfast begins at 6:45 a.m.
Walden Yacht Club
13101 Melville Drive
MAILING: P.O.Box 1252 Montgomery 77356
Montgomery, TX  77356
United States
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The Wave July 20
Rotary Lake Conroe
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Good News:
Doris: Yohan’s sister was an exchange student in Amarillo, she will be visiting the Montgomery area this coming Wednesday & will be having a small dinner at Fajita Jacks.
Craig – His wife, Pixie, just finished up her last bit of plastic surgery and her mammogram came back clear!
Pat -She talked to Betty over the weekend, she is doing okay, but she did have a stoppage in her house and sewage damaged the whole the home.
Mike – thanked everyone ahead of time for winning the pot (that he hasn’t won yet) and thanks everyone for contributing to the pot.
September 9th, grant project at Old Navy. Governors visit August 24th. The board approved Leslie Mogdon as a new member.
Committee reports:
Mike – none
Deanna – Website & facebook have all been updated with new look. Trying to keep everyone up to date with emails & the social media platform.
Chef Rick – flags are up until the next holiday. Stressing to new members, if you have someone you would like to honor you can put out a flag with a large plaque forever. The forms are in the boxes at the message board.
Ashley – will be forming a committee around August to get everyone together & create a plan to get with the Schools.
Jane – none
Shannon – none, other than new member, Leslie Mogdon.
Audrey – nothing
Mike – 1 new polio case last week, Total of 7 this year.
Don w/ Memory Park – story book walk is up!
Doris announced president elect of Rotary international went into minor surgery and passed away. 1st time in rotary history a president or president elect has passed away during their service time. Please pray for his family.
Clayton Mathis - National Guard - is our guest speaker:
Grew up in Huntsville Texas, graduated from Huntsville High School, joined the marines in 2004 as an infantry rifleman. Deployed to Iraq in 2005 and 2007, a marine recruiter, earned a master’s degree in Homeland Security. He was hired on by the Montgomery County Homeland Security and Emergency management, now also is a recruiter for the National Guard here in Montgomery.
If you know anyone that would be interested in joining the National Guard please let him know. A great prospect might be a veteran or someone who is active military who would like to be back in a military setting & getting to hang out with “the guys” at the base.
National Guard is a part time branch, one weekend a month, 2 a month in the summer. They have all the same jobs the regular army has. They have a variety of jobs available. College students are also a great for the National Guard. They can still be full time college students but get into a base near where they want to go to college while still partaking in the National Guard.
During the floods last May he was out surveying damages, a lot of National Guard vehicles were out checking out damages and making sure everyone is okay. The military vehicles have a snorkel which allows them to go through very deep waters. The governor is the one that calls them out. State guard differs from the National Guard in a sense that you are more volunteering then being paid, you are not enlisted in the military like you are with the National Guard. They aren’t trained in the capacity that the National Guard is. IN Baltimore, Maryland there were many riots and the National Guard was called out to assist with it. Qualifications: age from 17 to 35, there is an exception (prior enrollment in the military), as long as you have a full 20 years till your retirement age they can still get you enlisted.
There is pay & retirement are included with National Guard. You will receive medical benefits for the rest of your life. What is the commitment? An 8 year contract, typically 6 years out of the month & 2 years of ready reserve. Basic training will have base pay about $1500 per month with everything included(room board, food, etc), a high school student cannot be sent anywhere in high school so they can go to their trainings once a weekend & get a couple hundred dollars without being sent away anywhere. National Guard in Texas is around 30,000 enlisted and nationally about 300,000. National Guard is very involved in the border security right now, usually those that go to this duty are volunteer because it’s almost an active position. There is a federal law that protects their jobs for still being there when they get back from their duty. Without this law, there wouldn’t be a reserve.
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