Volume 1 | Issue 1

Welcome to the first issue of our occasional bulletin! Find out who our upcoming speakers are, what we covered during the last weekly meeting, and learn more about our Member of the Month.
Mark your calendars
Sept. 20   Mtg: Montgomery PD Chief Solomon
Sept. 27   Mtg: Bring food for Robert's collection
Sept. 30   6:30 pm  Honor Cafe - DG Reception 
Oct. 1      9:00 am to 12:30 pm Fall District  Leadership Seminar at Lone Star College, Maverick Student Ctr      
Oct. 4     Mtg: Charlie Parada and Don Carter host the volunteers of Memory Park
Oct. 11   Board meeting at 4 pm.  Mike Berger will introduce our newest members for their Rotary Initiation speeches: 
     Trish Hobart and Kym Crane;
and Daniela leads us in stuffing goodie bags for the Clothing for Kids event.
Oct. 15  Service Project: Clothing for Kids organized by Daniela and Kymberly.  
Location: Old Navy  2908 IH 45 N, Conroe, TX 77303
Time: 6:45 am - 9:00 am.
Donuts & Coffee will be provided
We need all hands on deck as we will have 40 needy children to help shop for new clothing. 
Oct. 18   Mtg:  6:30 pm:  Conroe Rotary Club's 90th Anniversary Dinner at Lone Star Convention Ctr.
Oct. 25   Mtg:  World Polio Day – Mike Berger
Nov. 1    Mtg:  Rotary Foundation – Doris Lockey
Nov. 8    Mtg:  MISD Safety Update – Matt Fuller, Pres. of the MISD School Board
Nov. 15   Mtg:  Open
Nov. 22   Dark for Thanksgiving
Nov. 29   Mtg:  Robert Morrison. 
Daniela organizing stuffing Vets Goodie Bags
Nov. 30   Service Project: Veterans' McDonalds Breakfast & Christmas bags.  Delivery organized by Charlie and Judy Parada.
Rotary Roll Committee Chair Sherry Bogus announced that the Rotary Roll is re-scheduled to March 2023, to give us enough time to complete our sponsors and venues lists.  Several sponsors have already committed, including Mike Berger $1,000, Monica Bresofsky $1,000, Lorrie Parker $750, Kym Payne $750 and Daniela Mead.  Thanks!  and please contact Sherry to get the latest list of venues and sponsors so you can contact more venues and sponsors!  
Community Services Chair Daniela and Veterans Services Chair Charlie Parada have set dates for Clothing for Kids and and the Veterans breakfast.  See calendar under "Events" in ClubRunner for details.
Conroe Rotary Club  has their 90th Anniversary Dinner on October 18.  Lone Star Convention Center, starting at 6:30 pm.  The Conroe Club sponsored our club a few years back, so this should be significant for all of us.  $75/ticket.  Contact Janet or Doris for details.  
Last week's speaker
This week, we were fortunate to have a very inspirational speaker, Ted Bell, to show us what happened to him on 9/11.
There wasn’t a dry eye in the room as he showed us two video pieces from the actual attack and from a “Tunnel to Tower” run for the 343 fire fighters who lost their lives because they ran towards, not away from, the cataclysmic inferno above them.
This was not the usual kind of motivational speech we were expecting.  Sure, it was about 9/11, and it was being given on 9/13, pretty close to the 21st anniversary of that horrible terrorist attack on our country, our people, our values, our freedom and our entire way of life.
Ted started out by reminding us that our young people, our children and grandchildren still in school, were probably not even born when 9/11 happened 21 years ago.  They know the term, but they were not there; they did not see it happening on television; and they certainly didn’t see the horror right in front of Ted’s eyes as he viewed it from across the plaza from the twin towers in his 40th floor Merrill-Lynch offices. That was less than a block away.
As he watched the fires from the first attack; and then saw the burst, felt the heat and the concussion from the second plane crashing into the second tower, he realized his world was changing before his very eyes.  His wife and 3 year old daughter lived only a block away, but they were able to escape – without anything but the clothes on their backs.   Six years later, he retired and they moved to The Woodlands, where they live today.
Just as we were gathering ourselves together from that video, he continued with a different video from a “Tunnel to Tower” fund-raising run which was held to raise funds for the families of the 343 fire fighters who rushed towards and into the inferno of those burning, exploding buildings.  Bodies were flying through the air, steel girders melting and bursting out into the area around the twin towers.  None of that deterred those fire fighters from their deadly mission.  The run was incredibly inspiring and left all of us with the deep, personal feelings from that day – the feeling of helplessness, of anger, and determination to never let this happen again.
Ted pointed out some facts many of us had not heard before:  1)  Cell phones and communications were all routed through antennae on the roof of each of the twin towers, so the many office workers had little chance of getting or sending any communications to or from anyone.   2)  There was an earthquake during the fires, and that likely contributed to the devastation as the fires consumed the interior structure of the towers.  3) These videos had not been shown in public more than once before.
Yes, we were awestruck by the intense but renewed feelings we all had on 9/11/2001.  Thank you, Ted!
Member of the Month
The Member of the Month has not been chosen yet.   Let's put the spotlight on one of our exceptional members!  We're voting for Sherry Bogus and Mark Petrichuk!
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