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July 13, 2017

Good News:

Roz – asked for two adult tickets at the movies & was given two senior tickets instead! That is her good/bad news, and on top of that someone also called her Mrs. Roz! 

Mike – His grandson, Heather & Jason’s son, plays on a traveling soccer team, & just went to Atlanta, Georgia. They won their semi final Thursday & ended up coming in 2nd out of 392 teams. 

Gary Milleson – Solid deal on their house, option period is over. They have chosen to move to a Stlye Craft home in Lake Creek Village that they get to build!

Mike Berger – His wife & him visited their son & daughter in law in California, & he was able to look at real estate while there. A 1500 sq ft house, built in 1920 with no view is on the market for $930,000. Wow!

Chef Rick – Mike put up a separation shower curtain in the men’s locker room, thanks Mike! Molly Vice President in charge of A&M University, she has been nationally recognized, taking national merit scholar students over to Tuscany to go to school for 2 weeks. Molly is in charge of speaking to them about conflicts with students, relationships with students, budgeting and nutrition. Amy just got back from younglife, she was a camp counselor, she was blessed to work with an autistic child that didn’t believe God loved her

Phillip Moore-Has the privilege to be one of the Chaplin’s for the police department, tonight, he will be pinning the officer’s badge on his son as he joins the Conroe Police Department. Bad news, if you get stopped by his son he won’t be able to help you. 

Grant project this year will be very similar as last year, new date is September 9th, 2017. Old Navy in Conroe, will follow the same format as last year. 


Admin – nothing

New generations – will be looking for new sponsors for our flags, can put out a flag to honor anyone, $50.

Youth exchange- Yohan is headed back to journey, bringing Leo in from brazil. His wife has been voted in by the board as an honorary member to the club, Katy Riley. 

Service – we need someone to volunteer to head up linda rickets scholarship, someone for non rotarian of the year, very simple but does require effort to find someone. 

Polio – nothing new to report on polio, no new cases as of Thursday. Still only 6 cases worldwide, were at 1/3 of what we had last year. Last case of polio in US was 1979. It’s almost gone!

Memory Park – Don Carter advised not many problems in Memory Park, there will be some running down, Philip is going to put in a dirt berm to divert the water away from the tile kid’s walls.

New members to induct – Yohan Transkinski & Bethany Ruffins, these two were inducted as new members to our club!


Classification talks – 

Sandy Miller: Born in Syracuse New York, went to college at Central Missouri about an hour and half from Kansas City, then worked for , She was selected to fly troops from Brussels to Kuwait during desert storm. 747 filled with trips, completely dark, dropping them off, then fly back out dark. Worked in management for 2 years w/ United but didn’t like it, she went back to flying. Had a couple more out of state assignments. When 9/11 happened, it changed everything. United lost 2 planes in it, married for 34 years. His father was a rotarian in Puerto rico for his entire life. She got to visit a club in Puerto rico when she was there visiting. She realized she wanted to do some volunteer work. She started out with the food pantry and she loved it but wanted to do more, which is when she joined the rotary club. 

Marcos: aggie class of 2005, from el paso tx, after graduating high school, ended up a&m. For 15 years stayed in Bryan / College station, wanted to go into military but was turned away due to high blood pressure, always wanted to be in real estate but needs to make money 1st , been w/ stylecraft for the last 4 years. He always wanted to stay in College station but is happy to be settled here in Montgomery. Before meeting his wife he was bartending, after meeting christina his life changed completely. Him & his wife have started a marketing company. He joined rotary, wanting to find an organization that is NOT about business. This club brings him back down to life, a huge part of his heart wants to give back. Blessed to have everything he has in his life. He appreciates all the members & everything they have done. 

Shannon, today is all about membership. What we are doing differently this year: we’ve created a membership committee. Our club seems to gain a few, lose a few. It’s not just about bringing in people but keeping the members we have here. We need new ideas! Creating a mentor program, and a welcoming committee. Change up the table layout at meetings, change up the food every now & then. If you have ideas, reach out to Shannon. He wants to hear them! Always more room for improvement to make the club better!

Raffle – no joker drawn this week, only 6 cards left