The Party for Linda
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Every now and then, someone touches our lives with such grace and goodness that we are forever changed. For many Rotarians, that person was one of our own, Linda Ricketts.
     On August 28,2014, Walden Yacht Club was filled to the brim with friends and family of Linda's, all gathered to celebrate the winner of the First Annual Linda Ricketts Literacy Scholarship and to honor Linda for a life filled with service to others. Woodlands Rotarian Julie Martineau sang a special version of "I would do anything for you" , with words changed to reflect Linda's body of community service work. Rotary Past District Governors Dave Johnson and Rose Austin spoke of Linda's District work in literacy. 

     Linda's friend of many years, Twillia Liles, "spoke" via an emailed message, about the great times they had shared working with Literacy Volunteers of America, and as employees of the library system. The assembled group shook heads in agreement when Twillia wrote of Linda's powers of persuasion when she recruited you to work with her on a project. The Girl Scouts of America were represented by Katie Singleton, acknowledging Linda's years with the group when her daughter, Jan (now a fellow Rotarian) , was a young girl. 

      A table of friends and former co-workers from Soules Insurance represented not only Linda's insurance career, but also The Rotary Club of Conroe and The Conroe Noon Lions Club. Lake Conroe Rotarians have a special place in their hearts for the CNLC, as they gave us a grant in 2008 to erect signs in Braille in Memory Park, a project near and dear to Linda's heart too. Former RCLC members and Rotarian spouses rounded out the guest list. Linda was presented with gifts from the morning, including a framed copy of the words to Julie's song, and a necklace from James Avery, with three charms - the Rotary Cog, a diploma and an open book - a community service trinity to represent a life well lived. Thank you Linda, for all you have done, and all that you are to us.