Meet Tatanka
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Tatanka and Waterfall Photos
The Buffalo holds a prominent place in the history of the Montgomery area. The idea of bringing THE Buffalo to Memory Park was the brain child of Rotarian Malcolm Pepper. Malcolm approached fellow Rotarian Jack McClanahan, owner of Storage 105 and the impressive display of metal art pieces next to the facility. Unfortunately for Jack, wife Nancy was within earshot and loved the idea and before Jack knew what was happening, he was donating The Buffalo to Memory Park!   The excitement began Thursday afternoon, March 19th 2009 when Peter Wakefield pulled two of his landscaping crews from their work with a call to "go round up the Buffalo, boys". Four hours later, 8 men were exhausted and Memory Park had a new resident - a life size metal Buffalo perched above the waterfall.
   The Buffalo has become quite the celebrity. The library staff reports that rarely a day goes by that people aren't at the park taking photos - from senior class pictures to bridal shots - news we're really excited to hear. W e just cannot thank Jack and Nancy enough for their generosity.  There was only one problem - he had no name! So, we held a contest to "Name The Buffalo". The Parker family - Gary, Lorrie, Cheyenne and Lakota - won the contest and our Mr. B. is now TATANKA. Congratulations to the Parker family! Tatanka is Lakota Indian for "Bull Buffalo" and ties in nicely with Montgomery's history as an Indian Trading Post and the LeFevre Family's prior use of the land as an animal preserve where 16 buffalo resided.